Have you ever dug up your old diaries? Well I did, my pink HelloKitty one  from 7th Grade which basically is a lengthy recap of all the sappy TV shows I watched growing up, just to cringe at every sentence,  embarrassed with all the naivete.  And the sap, of course.

Or have you ever sat with all your emotions, thoughts and ideas wishing you could put them on paper and yet once you turn the monitor on, no words would come out as you type only gibberish?

I think that’s the problem most of us face when it comes to writing. The fear of writing down something personal, something that could expose us as the vulnerable beings we are desperately trying hide. But somehow as I grow older, the thoughts inside head keep getting louder, busier and more important than ever.

So I have decided to start this blog, not to celebrate my glorious ideas, but instead to listen to them unravel themselves and whisper to me what I should and should not do in these time of uncertainties.

So if by any chance should you come across this blog, you are welcome to read, to share, to comment, your insights are welcome and looked forward to. But please don’t ever take me too seriously, because even I can’t manage to do that.



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