[Đọc] Planning as an approach, not a method

I read a lot, I mean a lot. And once in a while I come across some really cool stuff so here’s a piece about planning that I love from the book “Plan-as-you-go”. Enjoy



What’s the difference? Why do I make the distinction?

Method implies a step-by-step systematic process, something very much planned and linear, with a definite proven procedure that you can pick off a shelf and follow A to Z in a lorgical orderly fashion.


An approach imples a road, a direction, a frame of mind, perhaps even a philosophy, but not a formula of proven rules to be followed.



  • Everybody in business deserves business planning to help management.
  • Things change fast.
    Planning needs to be quick, flexible, and sensitive to changing assumptions. It’s like steering or navigation: eyes up on the horizon, looking at long term directions, while also managing concrete specifics.
  • The plan is useless, but planning is essential (my favorite quote by U.S President Dwight Eisenhower who led Allied forces to victory in Europe during the WWII)


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