The day the American Dream died

Years ago, when Obama was elected for the first time, I put a status on Facebook on how people (non-Americans) who don’t get to vote can have such strong emotions towards something that doesn’t fall into their jurisdiction.

Today, I feel less shame about feeling like I lost something that’s not mine, but the fear of what else will be lost is becoming more overwhelming. I’m not scared about the results but about what it implies, what it says about a nation, a generalization of a group of people that you come to love and admire, and what omen it is for humanity and the world we live in.

The American Dream is not really meant for Americans, but for those who yearn for a better world where unrealistic ideologies could be realized, where decency is not considered a rare luxury, where opportunities await every single individual if only you could just reach the land of the free.

And today the world has just lost that dream.

No matter how irrational and undeserving it is, the betrayal feels too real.


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